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Fishers of Men

I was once a participant in a Sunday School lesson that was on Jesus calling several of his disciples to be fishers of men.  The discussion naturally progressed to asking ourselves what it would be like to be a fisher of men.  So, here are a few personal ruminations on fishing for souls, using a person that loves fishing as a likely example.

1. Become knowledgable. A good fisherman studies the almanac (or fishing calendar) to see when and where the optimal time and place for fishing are.  He asks other fishermen where they have been, what works in what time of year for what type of fish, and where they get their equipment.  He finds out what kind of food to feed his fish to grow them bigger and tastier (if he is fishing in a pond).  He generally tunes out the other sporting activities that distract his not-so-avid fishing friends.  He studies fishing.

2.  Actively prepare for the fishing season.  After reading about it, and becoming familiar with what he needs to do to have a successful fishing excursion, he prepares for the trip. He makes sure that his tackle-box is equipped with the necessary equipment for changing lures, hooks, etc., as well as full of the right hooks, lures, fishing line, and other valuable fishing equipment. His boat (if he uses one) is fueled up, fish finder working properly, and a good battery on the boat. The truck is also ready for the trip.

3. Fish expectantly. All the preparation must be put to use, or it is all in vain. There is no good in knowing how, or in being ready for something, if there is no participation in the activity.

So he fishes. And, because he has studied well, and is well-equipped, his fishing excursion is successful.

And Jesus, walking by the sea of Galilee, saw two brethren, Simon called Peter, and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea: for they were fishers. And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men. And they straightway left their nets, and followed him. ” Matthew 4:18-20.


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Medical students request, participate in legislative course

State Senators and Representatives instructed medical students on leadership and the legislative process: A session all 17 students requested and enrolled in.

via Medical students request, participate in legislative course.

More self-adulation information on my class.  I’m in the second photograph, and we CLEARLY are NOT POSING.  Bah, hum-bug.

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Future physicians hear from state leaders – Live, Local, Late Breaking news, weather, and sports

Future physicians hear from state leaders – Live, Local, Late Breaking news, weather, and sports.

Since I’m the VP of MCG’s Southwest Campus, I was briefly interviewed for this story.  I hear that I was on local TV…I apologize if I looked tired and sounded sorta out of it.  I don’t do well in front of cameras (yet). But I guess we’re working on that, right?

I’m quoted in the news story, but there’s a spelling error.  I must not have spelled my name distinctly enough.  Oh well.

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Rotation Wrap-ups and Such

I’ve changed my mind on writing about my rotations.  While I would probably find it enjoyable, or at least cathartic in some way or another, to inform you of my adventures on my various rotations, I have learned from a little bird that doing so may very well jeopardize my residency plans (at least some of them).  And I’d rather not do that.

So, I’ll blog about other random things, still weighing in on some medical issues.  I’ll just not be summarizing my experiences, especially the bad ones.  Hence, I’ve started the new mini-series on music and musicians.  I hope I’ll have time to continue that one.

Thanks for understanding.


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Healing Begins*

*The first in a new installment of continuing (I hope) song and/or artist mini-reviews, with a video or recording of the song/artist.

I was introduced to this song by a friend of mine that I worked with on my OB-GYN rotation here in Albany.  A great song with great words.  I’m not a huge fan of Tenth Avenue North, but the lyrics of this song are quite powerful.  My favorite part?  “Sparks will fly as grace collides with the dark inside of us, So please don’t fight this coming Light, let this blood come cover us. His Blood can cover us.”

Not bad music either, actually.

Just the song, with the lyrics.

And the story behind the song. Never heard the story until today, but he has alot of good things to say in these 3:42.


Edited to add:  Sorry that these videos cannot be played here on my site. You have to go to YouTube to see them, but it’s worth it, in my opinion.  Feel free to return to comment (but these aren’t my videos).

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