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Catching Up is Hard to Do

I’ve noticed that the more you put something off, the easier it is to keep putting it off. And I’ve decided that it’s time that I re-acquaint myself with this blog. In order to do this fairly, though, I will do several things. First, there will be a quick synopsis of the past several months as it applies to me and my family. Then follows the promise to not be so sporadic/absent in my writing. I think that it will be a little easier to write, but that remains to be seen.

So I finished the second year of medical school the second week of May by taking several NBME exams. NBME = National Board of Medical Examiners. These exams were to serve as a benchmark so that I could evaluate my base of knowledge and better prepare for the upcoming USMLE Step 1 exam. Then came 6 weeks of intense studying for said exam. My resources were as follows: First Aid for USMLE Step 1, 2010 edition; USMLEWorld Qbank; DoctorsInTraining.com Step 1 review course; and a few chosen classmates as study partners. I took the exam on June 17, breathed a quick sigh of relief and thanked God for getting me through it, and undertook the exciting task of moving to our current location in Southwest Georgia. We then settled in to our new house, and began the process of waiting for the arrival of our lovely little boy, Ravi.

Yup, he’s cute!

He finally arrived in the wee hours of July 22, and we were thrilled to have the waiting game over with.  He currently gets lots of attention from his sisters, mom, and occasionally, me.

I began the third year of medical school in July, technically speaking, but deferred my elective to fourth year so that I could help get settled in after the move, help with the new baby, etc.  It was good to have this time off for both familial reasons as well as school reasons.  As Vice-President of this Southwest Campus of MCG, I was able to use some of my time off to talk with my colleagues to make sure things were going smoothly with their rotations, and bring these things to the attention of the leadership if they were not.  They were, at least mostly, but there were a few small issues to help colleagues work through.

My first rotation (of sorts) was two weeks of Hospice and Palliative Medicine (HPM), and I spent a fair amount of time talking with patients about facing the rest of one’s life with a terminal illness.  It was a sobering experience, but enjoyable.

I am currently in my second rotation, but since it is the first rotation to actually give me hands-on experience working with and treating patients, I refer to it as my first rotation.  I hope the HPM people, and the Intersession (that’s what that rotation was called) people will forgive me, if this is a transgression; I do not intend it to be so.  This current rotation is 6 weeks of Family Medicine. I am actually in my last week of this rotation, and will shortly give an overview of this rotation and my impressions of it as a specialty.  I intend to do this with all rotations, but will endeavor to update you during the rotations as well.  For safety reasons (if there are any lurkers, I mean you) I will not give details of where I spend my time until I am done with my time there: this will be more relevant some months than others, but I take few chances.

So now you are caught up, albeit briefly, with my life.  As I just said, I plan to post at least every other week, schedule permitting; I may even post in successive weeks, but that’s a little much to hold myself to.  Additionally, at the end of each rotation, I’ll give a little more info on where I’ve been, and what my opinion (brief) is of the rotation.  Any case studies that I may or may not include are changed enough that they must be considered fictitious; if it sounds like you, then either you or I have a most wonderful imagination, because I’m definitely NOT talking about you. Period.  Additionally, do not consider my stories/discussions to be medical advice; for all you know, I’m just another Mongolian yak-herder, the next hill over from Dr. Grumpy. So there.

Until next time…


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