A Very Fine Whine

Musings of a Conservative Christian Resident Physician.

A Very Fine Whine*

Ok guy, so I know you are tired of waiting for your significant other to finish with her doctor visit.  I also know that your fingernails might be needing trimmed.  But do you REALLY have to trim your (very think) fingernails in our waiting room while waiting, as a way of expressing your displeasure of waiting? Seriously, who carries fingernail clippers around “just because”? Like, nobody?!  Your deliberately soiling our carpet with your fingernails, and brushing the ones that fell into your lap onto our floor (just for good measure) really didn’t please our staff.

Next time, clip your nails while waiting for your buddy to tee off. I’m sure he’ll appreciate it.


I. B. Whiny, JMS

*Dedicated to Doctor Grumpy**, who occasionally gives us “Things that make me Grumpy.”

**Does not always use “polite” language.


October 18, 2010 - Posted by | Rotations, School, Work

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