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Quick Update from OB-GYN

Shoulder Dystocia.

It’s one more reason, seen personally by Yours Truly, that I cannot in any way agree with elective deliveries away from a recognized health-care institution.   (Now don’t you”natural people” go get all upset at me.)   Simply put, a shoulder dystocia is defined by the anterior shoulder of an infant becoming entrapped behind the pubic symphysis, thereby disallowing a normal delivery.  So there you are: baby is not moving anywhere, its head is saying “hello world” (fetal distress is, needless to say, strongly present) but shoulder is stuck securely behind the maternal pelvis.  So, third-year-medical-student, what do you do?  A simple easier-said-than-done process:

  2. Pray. Seriously.
  3. Check your pulse. The first pulse to check in any emergency is your own.
  4. McRobert’s Maneuver.
  5. Suprapubic pressure. That’s PRESSURE, not a light touch.

Yup, glad I read about that before it jumped me all-of-a-sudden yesterday.  Scared me to pieces,but I’m SO GLAD there was someone with more training than I in the room, quarterbacking the situation.

It gave me time to check my pulse.

No grins.

Resolution: Baby lived, but took a few minutes several seconds to show any signs of life.  I’m getting practice at swallowing my heart.

Relieved smile.


NEWSFLASH #1.  Obstetrics has a litany of things involved in it that aren’t pretty, or fun to deal with.  It has its exhilarating moments, sure, but it’s not all fun and games.

NEWSFLASH #2.  Gynecology is not entirely an enjoyable field either.  There’s…never mind, I won’t go there.  Just believe me.

NEWSFLASH #3.  I’m enjoying OB-GYN more than I thought I would, but not enough to do it for the rest of my life.


November 2, 2010 - Posted by | Rotations, School

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